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I’m so extremely thankful.
Everything I cherished could be lost to me if I hadn’t made the decision to get clean. I selected Drug Rehab Toledo because it appeared comfortable, clean, and friendly. If I hadn’t called Drug Rehab Toledo’s hotline for help then I didn’t believe I would have gotten my family or life back. I’m so extremely thankful.
, Toledo Jan 19, 2012

Everything was fantastic about facility.
Everything was fantastic about facility, including the food! Living there helps you focus on your recovery process and keeps you tuned into why you might be there. With all the reasons for you to get clean, there’s no reason why you shouldn't accept assistance from the people at Drug Rehab Toledo.
, Toledo Mar 3, 2012

Drug Rehab Toledo are great and very compassionate
The employees at Drug Rehab Toledo are great and very compassionate. Even though I really hated group work at first, I think it was a crucial part of rehab. I didn’t want to share because I was humiliated and embarrassed of my actions while I was using.
, Toledo Mar 17, 2012

Drug Rehab Toledo are really awesome
The employees and counselors at Drug Rehab Toledo are really awesome, and help you understand your triggers and teach you to avoid the social and emotional situations that will cause you to want to 'escape'. If you don’t go to rehab the one chance you will have is the opportunity to abuse more drugs, and high probability to live on the street or go to prison.
, Toledo Mar 4, 2012

Their facility targets recovery
Their facility targets recovery, why you need treatment, and how to function in the 'real world’ without using. The employees and therapists at Drug Rehab Toledo are there to help you, but it's good to give in to their suggestions.
, Toledo Feb 23, 2012

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